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Welcome to MV Parts,

your spare parts partner for corrugated and solid board production machines.

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High quality products guaranteed!

MV Parts originated from the demand for affordable spare parts inside the cardboard processing industry.  We are the link between manufacturer and end user. 

Our mission is to offer a quality product at a correct price, to be delivered 24 hours after your order.  We supply products suitable for brands such as Bobst, Göpfert, Jagenberg, Heidelberg, Vega and many more.


Please contact us for further information or for a visit by one of our representatives. 

Our products
Always the best quality at a competitive price!

Below products are part of our product range 
- bearings

- belts and chains

- parts for vacuum system

- parts for cardboard transport

- sensors and switches

- hydraulic parts

- contactors and relays

- filters

- gas springs

- hardware and seals

- parts for pneumatic circuit

- ...

And this suitable for the brands Bobst, Göpfert, Jagenberg, Heidelberg en Vega. We're adding products to this range every day.  If you're looking for products or brands that are not mentioned above, please let us know and we will add this to our product range as soon as possible. 


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Job offers at MV Parts

We currently have no vacancies. But we're always looking for motivated people. Please feel free to contact us via below form to apply spontaneously.

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MV Logo-3.png

De Spijker 6

8540 Deerlijk 

If you wish, you can ask us for more information or leave your contact details, so we can contact you. 


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